How we work

We set ourselves apart from other contractors by means of our detailed quotations and intensive cooperation with our partners, and through our feel for design and quality.

The first meeting

The first step is for you to contact us for a meeting with no obligation. We prefer to hold this meeting in the actual apartment. Jochem Cieremans will walk through the apartment with you to discuss your wishes. Jochem has an open approach and works in a transparent way. He will specify what is and what is not possible within your budget. You can bring in your own partners or we can discuss which of our partners might be included in the process.

Estimate or quote?

During the meeting, you will decide with Jochem whether you want us to make you an estimate or a quotation (a detailed breakdown of the cost). This will depend on the amount of information available. Often a decision is taken to form a team with you – the client – and the architect. As a team, we will together ensure the best quality and the most beautiful design within your budget in the shortest possible time frame.

Discussing the quotation

The quotation is always presented to you at our office. Jochem will go through the entire quotation with you and discuss it item by item. Together, we will go into more detail and examine what the various options are to deliver the project.

The construction process

Before the start of the work, we will send you a time schedule listing our work activities. This will also show the points at which you will need to make key decisions. In addition, there will be a weekly construction meeting together with the project manager and the foreman. This will take place in the apartment itself. You will have a single point of contact from start to finish and we will include you throughout the entire process. Having prepared and worked everything out properly in the preliminary phase, during the construction itself we will be focused on getting the details and the quality right.